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If you want to book my B&B, please read my confession first. My B&B is located in the small village of Baisha Township, which is not known to the people of Lien Lake. There are currently no more than 30 households in the village. There are no neighbors. In the inner sea of ​​Pinghu, when the tide is high, a part of the land will be flooded in the sea, and you can see Magong City and Xiyu and Dacang Island; on the left is a wetland. When the tide is high, the sea will flood the wetlands and show up when the tide is low; On the right is the farmland that is arable; the rear is a large farmland. I am a very simple person, with no tastes and features, so my homestay is as simple as me, without complicated and high-end decoration, top-level equipment, only my favorite quiet sea view. So my homestay has nothing (not to stay in the hotel), only:
One space: a room for your free mind
An environment: a corner window of the coast of the lagoon
An opportunity: the opportunity to be friends with yous
So there is no professional service here, only the sincere treatment of friends. If you don't want to give up, you are welcome to come to the Migratory Birds B&B (City Front Station) and have a good life!



    1. Guests must register with their ID or passport. Check-in time is after 3 pm; Check-out time is before 11 am. Baggage can be placed on the counter.
    2. Breakfast time: 8 to 10am, please inform us in advance if guest want to eat at another time.
    3. No pets in order to protect the rights of other guests.
    4. Do not drink or gamble at the B&B. No prohibited items can be carried.
    5. Do not cook in the room or on the balcony, garden, etc.
    6. If you find lost items, please inform B&B immediately.
    7. No smoking according to law. If breaking to the law, it will be reported to the relevant units for processing. The B&B can request an immediate departure and a five times room rate for cleaning.
    8. When the guest checks-out, please check all the luggage in advance.
    9. When the guests are out of room, please turn off the room lights and air-conditioning, and please lock the door for safety.
    10. Do not talk loudly before 8am and after 10pm to avoid disturbing other guests.
    11. JAPANESE STYLE, MORNINGSTAR, SKYLINE Room can add up to 2 people, each person will be charged $600 (plus extra beds), under 3 years old (no extra bed.) no charge, but the number of guests cannot be exceeded. We reserve the right to refuse your stay if the number is exceeded without prior notice.
    12. In order to maintain cleanliness, please wash the sea sand in the outdoor cleaning area before entering the room.
    13. Please take care of all supplies and equipment. If there is any damage, please pay the market price.
    14. In order to maintain the privacy of the guests, Visitors are not allowed to enter the B&B before noticed.
    15. In response to the government's [Low Carbon Island Life Circle] statute, the B&B will not provide disposable toiletries (toothbrush, toothbrush, shower cap, razor, comb), only bath towels, towels, fixed amps Shower gel and shampoo; purchase at your own expense if needed. And please save electricity and water, let us do environmental protection and love the earth.
    16. The front of the B&B is the vast intertidal zone. Please do not capture the creatures in the sea and take away any sand, stones, shells, corals from it. Please leave them in the original place.
    17. No TV equipment in the B&B, you can bring your own computer, books, CDs, etc.
    18. Welcome your arrival and share the experience of life. There is no professional hotel service here. Only friends treat you with heart like the best friends!

    1. Please check the accommodation by phone (0921292029 or 06-9932511) and confirm the room type, date, round-trip flight (ship) time, and contact number by E-mail. After receiving the MAIL, the property will reply to the booking process. If you have not received the MAIL reply, please call us again.
    2. The deposit amount is 1/2 of the room rate
    3. The deposit payment method is: pay together at the time of check-in.
      If you cancel your reservation, please let us know by E-mail and send the money according to the cancellation policy.
      After remittance, please notify us by E-mail ( and indicate the last five digits of the account number and the remittance amount. (Please keep the receipt certificate for verification after transfer)
    4. In conjunction with the flight booking time, reservations within two months, please confirm the completion of the transportation reservation and then make a reservation.

    Remittance account number:
    Bank: China Post Office (700)
    Account number: 02410680278220
    Account Name: 蔡美滿


    1. 方式 收訂金 取消訂房/人工作業
      金融機構轉帳 不得逾約定房價總金額百分之三十,但預定住宿日為三日以上之連續假日前夕及期間,定金得提高至約定房價總金額百分之五十 一、   賓客解約通知於預定住宿日前第十四日以前到達者,得請求候鳥潮間帶退還已付定金百分之百。
      二、   賓客解約通知於預定住宿日前第十日至第十三日到達者,得請求候鳥潮間帶退還已付定金百分之七十。
      三、   賓客解約通知於預定住宿日前第七日至第九日到達者,得請求候鳥潮間帶退還已付定金百分之五十。
      四、   賓客解約通知於預定住宿日前第四日至第六日到達者,得請求候鳥潮間帶退還已付定金百分之四十。
      五、   賓客解約通知於預定住宿日前第二日至第三日到達者,得請求候鳥潮間帶退還已付定金百分之三十。
      六、   賓客解約通知於預定住宿日前第一日到達者,得請求候鳥潮間帶退還已付定金百分之二十。
      七、   賓客解約通知於預定住宿日當日到達或未為解約通知者,候鳥潮間帶得不退還賓客已付全部定金。
      信用卡/預收 不受限制 比例退還預收約定房價總金額:
      一、   賓客解約通知於預定住宿日前第三日以前到達者,候鳥潮間帶應退還預收約定房價總金額百分之百。
      二、   賓客解約通知於預定住宿日前第一日至第二日到達者,候鳥潮間帶應退還預收約定房價總金額百分之五十。
      三、   賓客解約通知於預定住宿日當日到達或未為解約通知者,候鳥潮間帶得不退還預收約定房價總金額。

      一、   賓客解約通知於預定住宿日當日前到達者,得請求候鳥潮間帶於一年內保留已付金額作為賓客日後消費折抵使用。候鳥潮間帶不得對賓客已付金額的折抵使用作不合理之限制,如不得與其他優惠方案合併使用等。
      二、   賓客解約通知於預定住宿日當日到達或未為解約通知者,候鳥潮間帶得不退還預收約定房價總金額。
      其他 內容
      契約變更 賓客於訂房後,要求變更住宿日期、住宿天數、房型、房間數量,經候鳥潮間帶同意者,賓客不需支付因變更所生之費用。
      候鳥潮間帶違約責任 候鳥潮間帶無法履行訂房契約時,應即通知賓客。
      因可歸責於候鳥潮間帶之違約處理 因可歸責於候鳥潮間帶之事由致無法履行訂房契約者,賓客得請求約定房價總金額一倍計算之損害賠償;其因候鳥潮間帶之故意所致者,賓客得請求約定房價總金額三倍計算之損害賠償。


      不可歸責於雙方當事人之處理 因停班停課、須乘坐之交通航班停駛等不可抗力或其他不可歸責於雙方當事人之事由,致契約無法履行者,候鳥潮間帶應即無息返還賓客已支付之全部定金(或預收房價總金額)及其他費用。

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