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How can I buy this land? Now people who see the house will ask questions. When I first knew this land, I only saw it once, and I didn’t even know where the detailed boundaries were, because I wanted to introduce them to another friend’s purchase, so I didn’t take a closer look. However, because the friend has not decided to purchase, the land agent Su Dajie intends to find another buyer, and he must give him an exact reply on the same day. So at the home of Su Da Ge, the friend has not yet decided, ask him to find another buyer. Su Da Ge said that this piece of land would have to be sold to me first, so I would consider it. There are many buyers waiting for it. Ok! Ok! A price, bought a piece of land in five minutes.
I don't know if anyone like me, when I bought it, I went to see the location of the land.
From the front pier of the city, I arrived at my land about 50 meters along the coastline.
On the left is a natural wetland. When the tide is high, the sea will flood the wetland. When the tide is low, the whole wetland is completely exposed. The fish, small fish, small crabs, and fiddler crabs are used to make the whole wetland alive. The land on the front side of the sea is connected to the intertidal zone exposed by hundreds of meters of ebb tide. At the high tide, nearly 100 pings of land is submerged in the water. Therefore, my son said, "My land is going to ebb and go." A lot of people. At the rear is a patch of agricultural land, mainly planting loofah and melons, the right side is a wasteland of farmland, but the community is quiet.

The land was measured three times but failed to fully mark all the boundaries, because the land officials never thought about measuring the land and watching the tides.
They shook their heads while measuring. "How can I buy this kind of land? The land is in the water, the sand around it is soft, the tide is sea water, how to build a house to live?"
Because the elder sister is also working in the land office, the colleagues who come to measure are not arrogant and expressive, and they are shackled.

This kind of land is the least valuable and unutilized land in the eyes of the Penghu people. Tell a friend and colleague that I bought the land in front of the city and got what is the "before the city"?
where is it? How can you buy it so far?


A corner of the seaside of a small village that even the Penghu people rarely know, who knows that it is a treasure for me, has the ecology of wetland diversity, has its own unique private beach, and the vast shallow intertidal zone is claimed by the son. The meticulous base and the bare pool, the quiet and not desolate, every time you get to the land, the mind can be comforted. So if someone asks me how to buy such a good land, in fact, the land will be restored before the construction of the wasteland, you will be like everyone's thoughts, you will not buy.

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