Name of the home stay

I want to name the house, but it’s really a simple mind. I remember when my son took the name, the friend introduced the teacher. The teacher provided a few reference lists, and the favorite one was chosen. But the name of the house, I want to come by myself, don't have to go to the professional, as long as I feel right.
Thanks for naming this period, Java has painstakingly provided a list of homestay naming references for various topics;
The design of Wang Tianxiang (the artistic director of this home), and the opinions of all good friends, thank you!

Migratory Birds Intertidal B&B

Take this name a little three sentences from the bank, because I am the bird of the Penghu Bird Club.
In Wuhu, there are the most precious summer migratory birds (Tern) and winter migratory birds that do not fear the strong winds of the Northeast. The terns will visit Wuhu every summer from April to May, and inhabit and multiply along the uninhabited islands of Wuhu and the undisturbed coast, waiting for the new next generation to fly high; they will recuperate and move on to the next journey. , leaving Wuhu with new life and new hope. The winter waterfowl, facing the whistling north wind, shuttles between the intertidal zones, and there is a vital force in the cold gray coast. Whether you come to Penghu in summer or winter, you will visit with the terns and waterfowl during the same period. I hope that you will, in general, give you a hope to stop and re-start in a space that I have provided to you, and welcome a new journey.


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