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I want a house with both function and appearance. Some friends have kindly introduced the design team to me, but I may not feel fit. When I am thinking about how to build a house I want, Zhongsuke Su It is timely to mention that he has heard friends mention that his cousin is currently in Taipei design company, very talented, can help me contact. I wonder if he will go to work in Taipei, will he come back to the design of the painting house? Under the enthusiasm of Su Da Ge, I couldn’t think of Lin Jiaqing’s call back immediately, and agreed to come back to see the land in a few days and discuss it again! Give it a try.

I remember that when he was energized, he said, "If your land is just a house in a general house, you don't have to look for me to paint."
I have agreed to go to the land survey today. I wonder if he is also like a general designer. I will come back later.
Leading him into the village, going to the dock to go east, pointing out the location range, I saw him in every corner of the station to watch, look back and forth, and finally told me that he liked the land very much, he thought very long ago To a piece of land on the sea, I told him about the environmental characteristics of the land. He talked more and more about the direction that can be designed. For a moment, it seems that this land is his.

"Do you have any kind of house you want?"
Oh! Fortunately, he did not come up with some architectural books for me to pick, or I will be disappointed.
I want the house to be very simple. First of all, don't give me any copy styles like Greek, Aegean, Moroccan, etc. It is not so integrated with the local environment. I just need to cover the room where I feel comfortable and have the space that the basic house should have. The appearance is expected to be a landscape on all four sides. It is not necessary to be fancy, and it can be designed with simple curves and geometry.
I asked him: "Did you think about designing a building as a work of art?"
He asked me: "Can you really accept a house that is not like a house?"
Why not, boldly design!

In the process of completing the map, I rarely change to the map, because I feel that I can trust him completely. A designer who will fall in love with the design land will run three times a day to feel the rising and falling tide of this place. In the middle of the night, I will not be afraid of mosquitoes listening to the sea. The dialogue with the starry sky constantly discovers the beauty of the land and the environment, and completely gives him any worries about design.
Only 50% of the slanting rate limit in the statute is generally designed with the sloping tile. However, I don't like the construction of tiles. Please think about replacing it with other design methods. He did his best in the process of drawing, and the lines of the triangular slashes were shaped.
A house known as a century-old architectural art was started.


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