Betrayed Penghu

In my B&B, I have told everyone that my home is very simple. There is no top furniture decoration, no luxury equipment such as TV, and no professional services. Then you will doubt? What is my hometown worth selling? I am telling you what I am selling now? I am selling a corner window of Penghu to you.
I haven’t been there for a long time, and I want to cry every time I think of it. When I was young, I was next to the golden beach next to the road in the hustle and bustle. The whole sea and the sky were next to each other. The beach was parked with fishing rafts. Standing on the beach, as the Disney dynasty disappeared, it was part of it. It is also a part of it] a space without integration. Now, huge seawalls, overweight wave blocks have swallowed the entire coast, crushing memories of childhood, closing the dialogue with nature and becoming the disappearing coast.

Looking at the glass from the house now, watching the tides rise and fall, the sea surface changes thousands of light and shadow, for a long time no such feeling. People who come to see the house will boast that my eyes are good, how can I find such a good place? When I talk about it, it will evoke my heartache. Once again, I am sad to tell you that Lake Biwa is much more beautiful than the place here, but what have we done? If you enter the city with cement, the surrounding ecological beauty will be destroyed. If you will be a little bit excited here, please love the land around you. Therefore, I often laugh at myself: "The bigger the breakout of Penghu, the higher the value I have here."

In front of the city, a small village. Fortunately, the village is small, and the funding is not easy, so few damage projects appear here. At present, there are still some natural coastlines and the rich ecology of the intertidal zone. You can look at the bustling city of Magong and the winding islands of Xiyu. The Pearl of the Inland Sea - Okura, the daytime sea and sky and the night of the starry night, the original version of the original lagoon sea view is presented to you, I hope you will like it.


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